Friday, 16 March 2018

Woodgate Beach

  A  Day outing to Woodgate Beach  12/03/2018

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Woodgate Beach  16 kilometres of uspoilt sandy beaches. which is a 45 minute drive from Bundaberg.
 The drive from Bundaberg to Woodgate Beach passes many different types of trees but we did notice there was a large area of yellow
bottle-brush banksia before these changed to 
mangroves and tea trees.

 We took a stroll along the beach discovering many different type of shells along the high tide mark. 
The beach seems to be made of small shells and fine grains of sand.

 Image result for woodgate beach      The boat ramp is extra long

Burnett Heads

Look at the first map, Sunshine Coast, Maryborough and then Bundaberg.

Now the second map shows you where the caravan park is, two blocks from the beach and Sharon walks from there to Mon Repos, which is the national park for the turtles.

But hey also lay their eggs at Oaks Beach near us and we see the young ones heading off into the Pacific Ocean for their first swim.

This is me holding a baby loggerhead turtle just befor his big adventure in life. Five minutes later he was out there in the Pacific Ocean having his first swim.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Big Bowls weekend in Yarraman

Here is our lead taking it easy between games.

Sharon played some very good shots.

She managed to set things up for the rest of the team, Col, Paul and Greg on many occasions.

Good work Sharon.